What is Mortgage Planner (MortgagePlanner)?

It was developed mainly in the United States, and in the United States there is a “certified mortgage planner” qualified by the National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMP) which is a private organization. The mortgage planner is a private qualification that considers a mortgage loan neutrally in a standpoint of a consumer. Considering the life plan of the consumer who becomes the obligor, analysis of cash flows, etc., it aims to be able to repay for a long time reasonably (consumer protection). The mortgage planner of the NPO Japan Mortgage Planners Association owned by us is a consulting business dedicated to mortgage in Japan and the timing, type, loan amount, repayment amount of the optimal mortgage for the customer Objectively observe the current period of repayment period etc, analyze the cause, recognize phenomena, point out problems, and analyze the cause. Then, we show the countermeasure and present the housing loan suitable for the customer and support up to loan execution.

Complete support for housing creation challenges with 3 qualifications

In addition to the qualification of “Mortgage Planner (MP)” in the “Mikawa Assist Reference”, it is a qualification of “Financial Planner (FP)” which is a professional qualification engaged in money and a professional qualification to be involved in fund planning and building plan of my home Combined with “Housing planner (HP)” qualification, we fully support the challenges related to customer’s housing development comprehensively.

Representative profile

Representative Masanori
Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Mortgage Planners Association
CMP Certified Member
(Certified · Mortgage Planner)
Membership number C10-1310-001135
Second-class financial planner
Housing life planner

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Announcement for FC signatory

Mikawa Area Limited (Kariya City, Chiryu City, Anjo City, Takahama City, Hekinan City, Miyoshi City, Toyota City, Okazaki City, Kota Town, Gamagori City, Toyokawa City, Toyohashi City, Tahara City, Shinshiro City, Shitara City, East Sakaicho · Toyone village), we are looking for franchise members. What we are doing is cognitively a lot of job titles, but that’s why we have the potential to win the future. There is no doubt that you can make a leap forward as a consultant that can do consulting specializing in housing loans, enriching the training that gained practical attention from acquiring qualifications. Please make an application as soon as possible for each city-only recruitment without secondary recruitment.


Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
I myself have work experience in the field · We have accumulated sales experience with a certain manufacturer and we are currently working as a mortgage consultant. I’ve packed many things in this housing loan consultancy business that I realized largely in the real experiences related to the house I experienced. If it says something it means that the house is a very severe thing in each life. Once we have decided, we can not change fundamental things and things. Traditionally, humans can take convincing behavior by repeating it many times. However, how is the residence in Japan? Will it be possible to purchase it twice three times, so why should I become severe to build a house once? Especially regarding funds, is not it? While living on a monthly salary of hundreds of thousands of yen, why is not it strange that somehow plan for housing such as the home plan for residential farmers plays a large scale? How about feeling it is cheap even if it is said that it will be an additional amount of 500,000 yen? This part and I think that it is important. It is dangerous to think that it is absolutely not good to do the impossible, because it is shopping once in a lifetime. Although it may become to get water to feelings of exaltation, is not it possible for one person to have such a person? I dare to become a person who performs that function. There are no regrets to say that you did not issue any additional money. Regret is when you lose your home, when you lose your family, when you let go of your dream. While being still cognitively in the eyes of everyone, I was recognized as an accredited establishment from the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, which is the window of the country, and was recognized from the Aichi Prefecture as a management innovation plan and approved establishment. I am looking forward to the opportunity to show my earnings to everyone planning my home from now on.

We would like to talk to customers who wish to consult with us at the current situation without hiding.
It is because we will respond with full power based on the trust of our customers and our company.