Dreams are rising!


If you visit the ideal model house at the housing center and ask your sales representatives for explanation, my home's dream will only increase!



If it is time to build a house, if it is!, I applied for home loan borrowing and the result of "disapproved" is. why···

Please do not give up!


Judgment result of the reason without knowing the reason. Is there no choice but to give up? There is not such a thing. Talk to mortgage planner now!

“The basic philosophy of the Mikawa Assist Reference is to real estate agents who are reliable on land, to building makers, construction shops, carpenters who have good carpentry without worry of bankruptcy concerning buildings.
So the mortgage thing is at the bank. Do not you think?
Banking is a place where you apply for housing loans, that is, you are going to judge whether you can borrow my home purchase funds. It is difficult to judge as a financial institution that matches yourself because everyone who thinks about your home from now is judging because there is little experience.
There is a bill sign of a mortgage free consultation often done by a bank, but our office is thinking that you have not noticed the hidden meaning at that consultation meeting.
If you have a free consultation, you tend to talk about anything psychologically, but in reality it is not. The essence of this consultation can easily know the judgment as to whether it is okay to lend money to the consultant. Those who are considering my home from now on are going to a free consultation meeting so they will talk about their current situation without hearing from bankers. It does not matter what the past excuses stigmies that are not related to loans and the story of the ideal’s future do not matter, your enthusiasm can not judge whether you can finance. The point is that the history of your past payment is a problem and the current situation is a problem. And it seems that the bank will judge that you will lend, but it will not be borrowed unless the guarantee company that decides to guarantee you guarantees OK.
I can not know why this result was made, but I can not know why I was borrowed or why I could not borrow it because of confidentiality obligation. Then it is easy to talk about mortgage loans can not be consulted at the bank, but it is not so much I think that it is important to consult to some extent after understanding about chitin and mortgage.
If you get knowledge and still go to consultation, if you get lost, please consult the Mikawa Assist Reference.
Let’s apply for mortgage at a suitable financial institution by investigating your past, present and future independently.
And we will promise to always stick together until the time of completion of delivery. With Mikawa Assist Reference, you can challenge yourself with knowledge well wearing at the time of this application what you can not understand at first with respect to security support with 100% accompanying, against banks etc. With expensive my home plan, leaving alone will bring unhappiness. In order not to be there Mikawa assist reference exists.
Please do not worry because we strive to “conserve personal information”, “implement compliance (compliance with laws and regulations)”, “thorough confidentiality obligation” thoroughly about consultation.
We will respond to consultation from the entire area of ??Mikawa such as Nishio ・ Anjo ・ Kariya ・ Chiryu ・ Toyota ・ Okazaki ・ Gamagori ・ Nakata gun ・ Toyokawa ・ Toyohashi etc. and from Gifu ・ Nagano area. “